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Ice Cream Flavors
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• Brownies on the Moon
• Bubble Gum
• Burnt Almond Fudge
• Cake Batter
• Cherry Chocolate Chip
• Chocolate
• Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
• Chocolate Peanut Butter
• Coffee
• Cream Cheese Black Raspberry
• Dole Whip - Pineapple


• Dole Whip - Raspberry
• Grasshopper
• Licorice
• Lime Rickey
• Maple Pecan
• Mint Chocolate Chip
• Moose Tracks
• Moose Tracks(no sugar added)
• Orange Cream
• Peach Sorbet
• Pineapple Sherbet

• Play Dough
• Pralines and Cream
• Rainbow Sherbet
• Raspberry Cheesecake
• Rocky Road
• Strawberry
• Strawberry Sorbet
• Tiger’s Blood
• Vanilla
• Wild Huckleberry

Ice Cream Toppings
Add a Little Pizazz to Your Ice Cream

Hot Fudge • Sprinkles • Caramel • Oreo • Whipped Cream • Hard Chocolate Coating • Melted Marshmallow • Chocolate Chips • Walnuts • Peanut Butter Sauce • Bananas • Cherries • Chocolate Crunchies • Black Cherries • Assorted Candy
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Rich. Creamy. Delicious. Hand Scooped.
Ice Cream Shakes

Are you tired of the usual vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry shake flavors? You can look forward to something different here at Yummy Ice Cream Emporium. Every shake is made with care and to your specifications. There's no limit to what you can create. With so many different options and flavor combinations, the possibilities are endless!
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Food & Snacks

Feeling hungry for yummy snacks? We offer so many tasty food and snack options! Your kids will love our bite size meals, fries, onion rings, pretzel bites, funnel cake sticks and cheese sticks.

Only available at our Highland location.